About Me


This is where I should say that I'm passionate about photography, turning everyday memories into timeless pieces, blah blah blah...that's boring and predictable.  Here's a few fun facts about me!

* If I cannot be with horses, my best day is around water. Rivers, lakes, ocean....I am usually the first one in the water and the last one out.

* Music motivates me, lifts me up, heals my soul; folk, reggae, 90's alternative, jam band, blue grass, the list goes on.

* I have stood on the tops of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, The Eiffel Tower in Pairs, and love to fly, but will NOT get on a roller coaster.

* I prefer to drive a manual and only 2 of my 7 vehicles have been automatics.  

* I taught myself to knit.

* I hold a BS in Animal Science with an emphasis in Equine Reproduction from THE Ohio State University.

* I'd rather spend the day in the mountains, forest or lake than in front of the TV.

* I showed in the FIRST ever Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure Championship at the World Championship Horse Show with my once-in-a-lifetime horse Premier's White Linen (aka Cricket), and that pink ribbon is my most prized possession.

Want to know more?  Just ask!!

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